We’ve put together our top pilots essentials and negotiated unique discounts for PilotBible users. We only recommend products that we use daily ourselves and couldn’t see living without!

Air Crew Accommodation

Pilot Accommodation (UK) - AirCrewAccommodation

Aviation's go to accommodation website. Helpful to find long or short stays around airports specifically aimed at crew. Use it to also find other crew searching for a room or upload a room you have.

Flying Eyes

Eye Wear - Flying Eyes Optics

Founded by a pilot seeking more comfortable aviation eyewear, Flying Eyes sunglasses & Rx capabilities were designed to solve problems many pilots face in the cockpit like temple pain, noise leakage, and poor optical clarity.


Pilots Who Ask Why - Aviation Information

One of the most up-to date and comprehensive aviation information websites out there. The founders do a superb job of breaking down complex aviation topics into easily digestible and understandable articles, with extremely high-quality explanations. A site you’ll definitely want to add to your bookmarks!

aviation job search

Aviation Job Search

A leading site for finding and securing current and upcoming vacancies in the aviation sector


Aviation Insider

Aviation Insider is a hub of free and paid information, products, and services for aviation enthusiasts through to professionals with a mission to empower those interested in aviation around the world by providing a comprehensive, accessible, and user-friendly platform.

coradine logo

Logbook - LogTen Pro

The choice of digital logbook for over 100,000 pilots, and reccommended by us. LogTen completely redefines the concept of a logbook, saving you time and helping you fly more safely.

sky test


SkyTest is a highly reviewed software which offers the most up to date aptitude testing across the world. It has different options depending on which airline you're applying for/software they use.



The largest pilot job network and an industry leader, currently with over 1500 vacancies. Head to PilotsGlobal if you're searching for your next cockpit seat!


Flight Planning & Navigation Software - SkyDemon

Self proclaimed 'the best VFR planning and navigation software in the world. Here at PilotBible we don't argue with that claim!