Airline Pilot Consulting

Want to have a 1-1 session with an airline pilot consultant? Our in house Airline Captain has over 10 years flying experience, is very current in the aviation sector and will be happy to help across a multitude of flying related queries including:

Airline Pilot Training Help & Advice

We can give you up-to date information on the best paths into the industry. We can help guide you towards the best pilot training school for you, along with top tips for the best way to ensure success during the airline pilot selection process and during your training course.

Fear Of Flying?

Are you anxious about flying, or have a fear of flying you’d like to overcome? It can be debilitating and also impact the ability for you and your family to share holidays.

Have a 1-1 telephone or Zoom chat with our experienced Captain. Unfortunately he can’t sit you in the flightdeck as he would normally with anxious passengers, however you’ll have the chance to ask any burning questions you have, along with recieving a full explanation of how it all works, what the real risks involved are, and what you can do to calm your anxiety during a flight.

Aviation Business Consulting

Do you have a business in the aviation sector that you’d like to take to the next level? Would you like to chat with a current airline pilot to see if we can help? Get in touch!


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