EasyJet First Officer

The aviation industry is notoriously hard to get into. Once you’re in it doesn’t necessarily get any easier. As COVID has shown many of us, things can change overnight in this game. We believe it’s not only fascinating, but a necessity to keep up to date with the varied flying roles out there and ensure you’re in the most suitable role.

With technology evolving ever-faster, there are new job roles in the market that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Many other flying roles have changed beyond recognition. It’s difficult to get an honest, unbiased, accurate & full understanding of the day to day tasks in each of these flying roles and all the other hidden bits that recruitment companies won’t tell you. Most companies are more than happy to place you regardless of whether you will truly draw satisfaction from that role. 

Our aim it to bridge this gap 

To introduce Pilot Bible as a hub for pilots to share their honest, uncensored thoughts, reflections and stories from their current roles, along with recommendations for others considering following their path.


Connect to pilots and roles you never knew existed


Engage with the pilot community through the blog and our social channels


"A day in the life of" blog is full of insider information to help you make career decisions


Going forward we aim to fill the site with our handpicked, most valued resources for current & budding pilots

There should be something for everyone here; From the potential white tail contemplating getting into debt to fund ATPLs with the promise of a “glamorous” airline role, to the 10,000hr silver fox who remains curious about what other options are out there. 

The times of “one company for life” are long gone so you’ve got to stay on your toes, but most importantly, ensure the job you’re in/getting into is right one for you. 

We’re here to help by arming you with all the information required to make the best possible decision to ensure you’re happy in your role, re-igniting that aviation spark if necessary.