Do You Need A Degree To Become An Airline Pilot?

airline pilot degree

No, you absolutely don’t need a degree to become a commercial airline pilot in 2023. Some pilots opt to gain a college, university, or bachelor’s degree before flying, but this isn’t a current requirement for any major airlines.

EasyJet First Officer

EasyJet First Officer

The huge gust of wind from the right made the aircraft drift rapidly left of the centerline as we were dropping again. If we’d initiated a go-around now, we would have hit the deck again anyway…

Unsustainable Instability!

June/23 3 days were planned; 1 night flight followed by 2 standbys, before the following unravelled; Day 1:  Rostered an evening flight to Spain & back, so had to be at the airport for 6pm, aiming to get back around 01:40 the next morning. I know this is going to be a big shock to […]

What’s it actually like being an Airline Captain?

Hopefully this doesn’t come across as blowing smoke up my own ass when I say that becoming an Airline Captain is a great achievement for any individual. It’s a path that’s fraught with very unique challenges and hurdles to overcome, and even once you make it to Captain, your career and future still hinge on […]